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Burleys Flyover reopens after urgent repairs


A MAJOR flyover on Leicester's inner ring road has reopened after urgent repairs.

Burleys Flyover had to be partially closed following a road accident last Wednesday which damaged the bridge parapets.

It had been hoped the repair work could be completed over the weekend, but the replacement parts, which included 15-metre lengths of specialist steel, had to be made to order.

The work was completed on Wednesday, March 6, and the road reopened at 5.40pm after safety checks were completed.

Leicester City Council traffic manager Andy Thomas said: "The damage done to the bridge meant we've had to replace three lengths of 15m tubular steel, which were fastened to a series of anchors to create the safety barrier.

"We don't keep items like this in stock, as all our bridges are different, and they are specialist items which were not available locally. The barriers had to be made to order by a firm in Peterborough, and then galvanized by another firm before we could install them.

"The whole process of ordering the replacement parts has been done as an emergency to ensure we got them as quickly as possible. We had originally hoped to get all the parts needed to complete the work over the weekend, but this wasn’t possible.

"Everything was on site and being installed on Wednesday. Our priority was getting the bridge reopened, which we did on Wednesday afternoon once the final inspections showed it was safe to do so."


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