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New home for council's social workers

Published on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A REFURBISHED building adjacent to the city council’s Charles Street headquarters has become the new home for 250 council staff.

The council has signed a 25-year lease on Halford House and invested £1.15million in updating its ground, mezzanine and first floors.

Social workers and support staff – who were previously based in offices on Greyfriars – have now moved in to the modern, open-plan accommodation that’s been created.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby – who formally opened the new offices this morning (Tuesday 12 July) – said: “Halford House will provide our social workers with the modern, open, flexible working space that they need.

"It will mean that different teams who were previously separated in small offices can physically work closer together, and that we will be able to provide much better facilities for partners and families who have been invited to come in for meetings."

The offices vacated by the city council on Greyfriars could continue to be used as office accommodation, but some of the space could potentially be converted into residential units.