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Changes will make Braunstone Gate greener

Published on Friday, June 10, 2016

EXPERIMENTAL street changes will be made to Braunstone Gate this weekend to add extra greenery and widen pavements in the area.

Over the past 18 months, local residents and businesses have been giving their views on the local environment and trying out changes they would like to see to the street scene on Braunstone Gate.

They’ve been doing this as part of an ongoing consultation project run by sustainable transport charity Sustrans, and funded by the city council and The People’s Health Trust.

Local people recently painted a mural at one end of the street, including the flags of at least 20 different nationalities of people who live or work nearby. They also created a community garden from a piece of unused land on the street.

Surveys found that people wanted to see more greenery, wider pavements and to stop dangerous and obstructive parking on the street.

Now, where the road currently widens to three lanes, some small sections will be narrowed to reduce dangerous parking on corners and make space for planters, providing more greenery to the street scene.

The planters will be installed on Sunday 12 June.

This particular piece of work is being paid for by a £32,000 Government grant from Defra – the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Cllr Adam Clarke, assistant city mayor responsible for energy and sustainability, said:  “Cars often park illegally at the sections of Braunstone Gate where the street has three lanes. Repainting some of the lines on the road and putting in these planters will resolve some of the problems this causes.

“These experimental measures have been discussed extensively with local people and are about improving the street for those who live, work and visit here.

“These changes will create a more pedestrian-friendly street, and will help promote an increased sense of pride in the area.”

Cllr Sarah Russell, one of the Westcotes ward councillors for the area, added: “These plans have been reviewed by the local community forum which was set up by Sustrans. They’ve also been discussed at local ward meetings, and all the businesses which front on to the affected areas of Braunstone Gate have been consulted. In all, views have been gathered from more than 500 people.”  

Charlotte Jones, Sustrans project co-ordinator, said: “The idea of the trial is to create green ‘gateways’ at the entrances to the street, by widening some small stretches of pavement and lining them with planters.

“Sustrans will be monitoring the effects of re-allocating this road space, which could potentially be used permanently for greenery, cycle lanes or other community needs.

“This will start as a one-month trial, after which the community can take part in the review of how it is working, what improvements could be made and how much longer it should continue.”

Local residents and regular street users are invited to take part in this discussion at the next community forum, on Wednesday 6 July at 5.30pm at The Laundry Bar, Braunstone Gate.

More details about the project can be found at: