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Welford Road reopens to traffic after repairs

Published on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The route – a key road into the city – had been closed to inbound traffic since Tuesday, February 20, when a Severn Trent Water main was damaged, affecting underground cabling and damaged the road.


Severn Trent Water repaired the broken water main, but the freezing temperatures had made it impossible to carry out the full road repair and resurfacing work.


However, on Monday, February 26, contractors for the utility firm laid an interim carriageway surface to enable the road to be reopened.


The road reopened at 6am on Tuesday, February 27, in time for the morning rush hour.


Contractors are due to return later in the year to carry out the full, permanent repair to the road surface.


Leicester City Council’s Highways Director, Martin Fletcher, said: “The freezing conditions and snow we are currently experiencing means that it has been impossible for Severn Trent Water to carry out the work needed for a permanent repair.


“They use hot materials that need to be rolled and compacted, but the freezing temperatures would make them set too quickly and leave a poor quality surface.


“Instead Severn Trent Water has carried out repairs to restore the road surface well enough that it can be reopened to traffic and ease the congestion problems caused by this closure.


“A more permanent repair will be done later in the year when the weather permits.”


The damage occurred when external contractors carrying out unrelated ducting work nearby broke through the Severn Trent Water main.


The resulting leak affected underground cable ducts controlling traffic lights, as well as causing damage to the structure of the road.


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