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Traffic calming and 20mph zone to be introduced in Eyres Monsell

Published on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

20mph road safety sign

A NEW 20MPH zone covering most of the city’s Eyres Monsell community has been approved by Leicester City Council.

The scheme will cover dozens of residential streets bordered by Glenhills Way to the north, Saffron Lane to the east, Lutterworth Road to the west.

It will include 20mph limits, as well as some traffic calming measures. The decision to introduce the new speed limit follows consultation with local residents earlier in the year.

In all, 4,300 properties were consulted, and of those residents who replied, 72 percent were in favour of a 20mph scheme and 60 percent in favour of the proposed traffic calming measures.

The vast majority of the streets are in Eyres Monsell, with a number of streets off the A426 in neighbouring parts of Glen Parva also included.

Work will now begin on drawing up detailed designs for the scheme, advertising the new speed limit and traffic calming measures, and carrying out the work.

Physical traffic calming measures will include four new speed cushions and two new speed humps on Glenhills Boulevard.

The scheme is expected to cost £54,000 in total, from the city council’s capital programme 2018/19. Work should be completed by Spring 2019.

At the same time a number of other road safety improvements are also being carried out in Eyres Monsell, as part of the city council’s School Run Parking programme.

These include new tactile paving at crossing points, and improved signs and line markings around the two local schools.

Additional parking bays have also recently been installed in Packhorse Road to tackle the problem of badly-parked cars, while a number of locations are being considered for chicanes and footway widening to help cut traffic speeds and reduce rat running.

The 20mph zone is the latest in a citywide programme of introducing speed reductions and traffic calming in residential streets, often around schools, where requested to do so by residents.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “This is a major scheme including almost all of the streets in Eyres Monsell, and will help make these streets safer for all users by reducing traffic speeds.

“The consultation with residents showed widespread support for this speed-reduction scheme, which should be in operation in early 2019.”