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Don’t give virus chance to spread in your household, says city’s director of public health


CORONAVIRUS is spreading between households and within households in Leicester – but some simple precautions could stop that from happening, according to the city’s director of public health.

In a video message posted on the city council’s social media platforms today (Friday), Professor Ivan Browne explains why it’s so important that anyone with coronavirus symptoms is separated from other members of the household – and why we must all refrain from visiting friends and family in their homes and gardens for a little while longer.

“If you’ve got symptoms of coronavirus, it’s really important that you separate yourself from the rest of your household, especially if elderly or vulnerable people share your home,” said Professor Browne.

“Try to isolate yourself in a room away from everyone else – and don’t share towels, tea towels, cutlery or utensils.

“Ideally, use a separate bathroom to the rest of the household, but when that’s not possible, make sure all surfaces are regularly disinfected to stop the virus from being passed on.

“Remember that anyone testing positive must isolate for 10 days – and everyone else in the household must stay at home for 14 days to stop the virus from spreading.

“We all need to do all we can to stop this virus in its tracks, and these simple steps will help ensure that you don’t pass it on to other members of your household who may be more vulnerable than you.”

If you have symptoms or have tested positive you should: 

  • Self-isolate for at least 10 days
  • Separate yourself from other members of your household 
  • Arrange for anyone who is over 70 or clinically vulnerable to move out of your home while you isolate, if possible 
  • Stay in one well-ventilated room, away from other members of your household 
  • Use a face covering, if you need to be in a room with others, and always keep 2 metres apart 
  • Thoroughly disinfect any shared kitchen, bathroom or other facilities to remove the virus from surfaces 
  • Use your own towels, tea towels, utensils and cutlery to avoid spreading the virus. 
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds 

Everyone in your household should: 

  • Stay at home for 14 days to stop the virus from spreading
  • Wash their hands more frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching their face
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces such as door handles, switches, taps, fridge handles, toilet flushes etc

People are also reminded that a number of restrictions still apply to everyone who lives in Leicester. The following restrictions are in place to reduce the transmission of the virus between households:

  • Do not go into others peoples’ homes or gardens or invite them into yours, even if they are close family or friends 
  • Do not stay overnight in another person’s home, unless you’ve formed a bubble with them 
  • Do not meet up with anyone from outside your household inside a café, bar or restaurant 

And remember:

  • Limit your contact with people you don’t live with 
  • Stay 2m away from others 
  • Wear a face covering where required
  • Book a test by calling 119 at the first sign of coronavirus symptoms

Professor Browne said: “Restrictions on meeting up with other households indoors, and visiting friends and families in their homes and gardens, are to remain in place for a little while longer in Leicester.

“These restrictions will help prevent the spread of coronavirus between households, but I appreciate that it’s not easy to stay away from those closest to us.

“I want to thank everyone who’s followed the guidance and stayed away from their friends and family’s homes for all these months, but we need to keep doing what we’re doing to stop this virus from being passed on.

“The good news is that the sacrifices we’re all making are paying off, as infection rates are continuing to fall.

“My message remains the same: please don’t visit other people’s homes; work from home if you can; keep social distancing; keep practising good hand hygiene; get a test at the first sign of coronavirus symptoms and, most importantly, please stay at home and self-isolate for at least 10 days if you test positive for coronavirus – and make sure others in your household quarantine for 14 days to stop the virus from spreading.

“If we can do this, and bring the infection rate right down, we will be in a much better position as we head towards winter.”

Anyone noticing the first signs of coronavirus – which could include a high temperature, a continuous cough or changes to their sense of taste or smell – must stay at home and arrange a test immediately.

Anyone who has been in contact with someone with symptoms should get themselves tested urgently too.

To book a test at a testing centre in Leicester, go to or call 119.