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City shortlisted for two transport awards

Published on Thursday, August 4, 2016

LEICESTER has been shortlisted from cities across the UK for two prestigious National Transport Awards. 

The city’s Connecting Leicester project, which aims to create better cycling and pedestrian links between the city centre and major sites for history and tourism, has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Cycling and Walking award.

Award organisers have also put Leicester City Council forward to be shortlisted for Transport Local Authority of the Year.

Winners will be announced in October, in the awards scheme run by Transport Times.

Schemes included in the Connecting Leicester works were Jubilee Square and the nearby Old Town streets; the resurfacing and improvements at nearby Applegate, the introduction of two-way cycle lanes at Newarke Street and Southgates, and the new cycle lanes at Welford Road. 

Transport Times is a leading national transport journal.

Connecting Leicester is a £19m package of public realm investment to create better links between the city centre and other key parts of the city. It was first announced by City Mayor Peter Soulsby back in 2012.

He said: “Connecting Leicester has made some dramatic improvements to the city, and has really helped encourage safer walking and cycling, which has obvious benefits for the city’s air quality and in cutting traffic congestion.

"We have also set about repairing the 'disconnection' caused by some of the less sympathetic choices of urban design over the decades, to ensure the city is well-connected and appealing for modern needs.  

“A lot of detailed design work has gone into these schemes, and I’m delighted to see them being shortlisted for national recognition.”