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Council reveals latest design ideas for London Road cycle lane

Published on Thursday, August 18, 2016

MORE details about a proposed scheme to create a new cycle lane along Leicester’s London Road have been revealed.

The city council is proposing to create a new, two-way cycle lane along the inbound side of London Road, from Victoria Park Road to Granby Street.

The latest design concept, which has been in development for several months, would keep four lanes in use for general traffic. The existing bus lane would be removed to make space available for wider pavements and a new off-road cycle lane, similar to the scheme recently completed on Welford Road.

Options are now being developed for how the cycle lane will be treated at side streets and major junctions. Ways to link the proposed cycle lane to facilities available at the railway station’s bike hub, which could involve creating a cycle lane along the central reservation, are also being considered.

Cllr Adam Clarke, assistant city mayor for energy and sustainability and chair of the Cycle City Forum, said: “The recent fatal accident on London Road has understandably raised concerns among cyclists about safety on this busy road.

“Creating a safer route for cyclists here has been our ambition for some time. It is an incredibly challenging project and the designs have been through several iterations over the last few months.

“Reallocating road space currently used as a bus lane would provide the space to create a two-way cycle path and wider footpath on the inbound side of the road, running all the way from Victoria Park to Granby Street. This will provide a safer and more attractive route into the city centre for cyclists and pedestrians.

“There are still issues that need to be addressed – specifically around how we tackle the number of side streets and junctions along London Road – and we will continue to work with local cycling groups to invite their suggestions and comments.

“Their input throughout the development of these plans has been extremely helpful.”

The plans will be developed over the coming months, with final design ideas expected to ready for public comment by the end of the year.

If given the go-ahead, construction work could start by early-summer 2017. It is estimated that the scheme would cost in the region of £2milllion.