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New 20mph zone for residential area in New Parks

Published on Thursday, December 8, 2016

A NEW 20mph zone is being installed in streets near a school in a residential area of New Parks.

The new speed limit and traffic calming measures will be installed in a series of streets either side of Charnor Road, which itself already has a 20mph limit.

Now, the zone is being extended to include all the streets north of Dominion Road, south of Groby Road and west of New Parks Way, with the city boundary as its western border.

The area includes streets surrounding Forest Lodge Primary School and Forest Lodge Education Centre. 

Most of the streets included in the new 20mph zone already have traffic calming measures installed, but some additional work will be carried out.

Existing speed cushions on Charnor Road will be replaced, and school ‘Keep Clear’ markings will also be made mandatory on Charnor Road and Overseal Road, with a section of markings removed from Charnor Road. 

Elsewhere in the scheme, two new speed cushions will be added to Battersbee Road. 

The 20mph scheme is being introduced following consultation with local residents and ward councillors.

Of those who replied, 92 per cent were in favour of a 20mph zone, with 84 per cent supporting the proposed traffic calming measures.

The work is expected to cost about £32,000 and is funded from Leicester City Council’s transport Capital Programme for 2016/17. 

Subject to the necessary traffic orders being approved, the scheme is expected to be in place by February 2017.

It is the latest in a series of 20mph zones being introduced in residential areas of the city where they have been requested.