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Street art captures memories of fabulous Foxes historic win

Published on Monday, July 4, 2016

LASTING reminders of Leicester City’s incredible fight to defy all odds and win the Premier League are being created across the city.

The wave of emotion and pride that engulfed the city and county throughout the Foxes’ remarkable season is being captured in street art that will be seen at key Leicester locations.

The city council has commissioned the artworks to give visitors and residents the chance to re-live the memories of the fantastic season as they travel around the Leicester.

Leicester's City Mayor, Peter Soulsby said: “This time last year no-one could have dreamt that LCFC would be acclaimed across the world, and that ‘Doing a Leicester’ would be part of football’s vocabulary.

“The memories of that wonderful season will live on for all of us, but we wanted to capture those feelings of pride and victory in a lasting way that everyone could enjoy, and the street art is a great way of doing that.

 “Each piece will be a different take on the season. As well as being great to look at, they will hopefully remind us all of a remarkable time in the city that has already gone into the history books as one of the best.”

One artwork has already been completed on the side of Bruciannis bakery on Bath Lane. Business owner Tom Brucianni said: “We wanted to get involved because we thought this was a fun idea that would raise a smile as people go by.

 “It’s a nice visible site, and of course we there’s the Italian connection with Ranieri, although he hasn’t been in to try one of our famous lemon splits yet.  Claudio must feel like he’s really arrived and joined the big league now that he’s on the wall of Brucianni’s!" 

Pieces have also been completed on Burnmoor Street and Tudor Road.

Izzy Hoskins of Leicester-based Graff HQ, who has commissioned the artists, said: “This has been a great project to be a part of. We wanted to see more art around the city so it’s really positive that the city council has invested in this way. This is something that will open up art to everyone.”

Further works are due to appear at other city locations over the next couple of months.