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Campaign tackles domestic violence

Published on Thursday, November 10, 2016

A CAMPAIGN is being launched to encourage people to come forward to report incidents or concerns of domestic violence.

Leicester City Council’s Community Safety Team has launched the campaign to raise awareness of the local support available for people subjected to domestic and sexual violence.

The campaign, known as the WRONG campaign, is calling on people to take positive action if they suspect something is wrong in a relationship or following an incident.

It is aimed at encouraging friends, relatives and colleagues of people who might be suffering domestic or sexual violence to report their concerns.

It is also a reminder that domestic and sexual violence is unacceptable and a crime, and that a local service called United Against Violence and Abuse (UAVA) can offer help and support to people suffering domestic violence or wanting to raise concerns.

The campaign is being launched to coincide with the run-up to Christmas in Leicester, when many more people coming into the city for festive shopping will be able to see the posters and information available.

Partners in the scheme include Leicestershire Police, the NHS, Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council, the Crown Prosecution Service and De Montfort University.

Leicester City Council’s head of community safety and the Safer Leicester Partnership, Daxa Pancholi, said:  ”This is an eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign which can’t fail to attract attention. 

“I hope the campaign will encourage people in Leicester and across the county to call UAVA or to look on the website if they are worried about someone they know.” 

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Cllr Kirk Master, added: “Domestic and sexual violence is never acceptable, but often victims are afraid to seek help or don’t know where they can get support.

“This campaign is to raise awareness of the help that is available, and also to encourage people who do have concerns about friends or relatives to get in touch with UAVA who can help.”

An online advice booklet giving advice to friends and family has also been created, after speaking to people affected by domestic abuse.

The booklet is available at the UAVA website, on

UAVA offers a dedicated confidential advice helpline and support service in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. It can be contacted on 0808 80 200 28.

UAVA can also be contacted at:

Twitter: @UAVALtd

Facebook: @UAVALtd