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Improvements boost safety of school pelican crossing

Published on Friday, November 11, 2016

SAFETY improvements have been made to a pelican crossing used by hundreds of school children to cross a busy Leicester road.

The pelican crossing on the A47 Hinckley Road outside Dovelands School has been upgraded with new LED lighting units and higher mounted signal heads, making the crossing more visible to approaching motorists.

The time allowed for people to cross safely has also been extended.

Concerns had been raised about drivers jumping the red light at the pelican crossing and endangering pedestrians using the crossing.

Work costing £25,000 has now been completed to bring the crossing up to the safer, new standard.

It is the latest improvement in the area designed to help boost safety near schools.

Earlier this year, £100,000 was invested in a new pedestrian crossing on Glenfield Road following similar concerns raised over the safely of children crossing the road to get to Dovelands and Christ the King schools.

That work was funded through the council’s local environmental works programme to address issued raised at ward level.

Future work is also likely to tackle inconsiderate and unsafe parking outside schools in the area. 

Numerous concerns raised by residents were discussed by the city council during the summer, and are likely to be addressed as part of a wider Parking Improvement Action Plan.

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Cllr Kirk Master, said: “The issue of road safety has been flagged up with us at previous meetings, so work such as this upgraded crossing helps create a safer route for children to and from Dovelands School.

“It goes hand in hand with other similar work already done in the area, and future plans to address road safety around schools as part of the Parking Improvement Action Plan. 

“Working with residents and councillors at a ward level gives us a very clear idea of what concerns people have in their communities, so we can look at how best to address them.”

Western ward councillor Sue Barton added: "The traffic problems in the area, especially around schools, are something we've been working to address for quite a while now, ever since residents first told us about the issues.

"The improved and new crossings are excellent contributions to road safety in Western Park. As ward councillors, we are still working with the local community to make further improvements.