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New 20mph zone in streets around primary school

Published on Friday, November 11, 2016

A 20MPH zone and traffic calming measures are due to be introduced in the streets around a city primary school.

Roads around Northfields House Primary School will be covered by the new zone, which will be introduced following consultation with local residents and businesses.

The scheme is part of an ongoing programme of bringing in 20mph zones and traffic calming measures where requested by residents.

Streets in the scheme include Woodgreen Road, Rushford Drive and the adjoining streets Rushford Close, Birch Close, Woodside Close, Cedarwood Close and Blaise Grove, along with Holkham Avenue, Attingham Close, Buscot Close, Jubilee Gardens, Carpe Road, Peake Road, Iliffe Road, Braybrooke Road,  Thornville Close, Swainson Road, Stockton Road, Unstall Crescent, Portishead Road and Clevedon Crescent.

The remainder of the scheme covers Brackley Close, Bale Road, Northfield Road, Dunholme Road, Aneford Road and Tomlin Road.

The streets already have a number of existing speed humps and speed cushions. Under the new scheme, the yellow zig zag lines outside Northfields House Primary School will also be made mandatory. In total the scheme will cost about £7,500 to implement and could be in place by February 2017.

Consultation earlier this year revealed that 94 per cent of residents who responded to a letter drop were in favour of a 20mph zone, along with 85 percent of people who responded online.

The city-wide programme of 20mph zones is designed to cut the risk of accidents and encourage more people to walk or cycle to school.