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City’s carbon emissions continue to fall

Published on Friday, October 14, 2016

LEICESTER is well on its way to meeting ambitious carbon reduction targets according to the latest annual figures for the city and council.

According to recent government statistics, a 34 per cent reduction in citywide carbon emissions has been achieved across Leicester. This means that levels of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) are at the lowest recorded levels since the baseline was set in 1990.

The latest figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy show that 1,576kt of CO2e was generated in Leicester in 2014.

The baseline was set at 2,388kilotons of CO2e . Leicester has until 2025 to hit its ambitious target of cutting this by half. This means a further annual reduction of 383kt will need to be made over the next 10 years.

The city council has also reduced its own carbon footprint significantly, and is on target to cut CO2e emissions by approximately 34,000 tonnes (50%) by 2025. Figures recorded for 2015/16 show levels have fallen by over 16,000 tonnes over the last eight years, with the largest savings made in buildings and public lighting.

Cllr Adam Clarke, assistant city mayor for energy and sustainability, said: “Our move to more energy efficient street lighting has helped cut carbon emissions by over 5,000 tonnes alone, and will also help make savings of over £1milllion per year in electricity costs. We're already looking at similar win-win projects for the future.

“Beyond the work of the council, a wide range of organisations and residents across the city have contributed to the best carbon reduction figures yet. It has been a genuine joint effort.”

The carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) measure was nationally adopted to take into account the emission of other greenhouse gases.

The citywide figures reported for 2014 are part of the full UK Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which is used to fulfil international reporting obligations.