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Council moves to make buildings more dementia-friendly

Published on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

THE city council is planning to allocate £250,000 from its capital budget to help make its buildings more dementia-friendly.

The plans were announced at the inaugural meeting of the city’s Dementia Action Alliance, which took place at City Hall this week (Tue 25 Oct).

Deputy city mayor Cllr Rory Palmer, who chairs the city’s health and wellbeing board, is leading on the plans and has arranged for the cash to be allocated from the council’s capital budget, which is used for building and infrastructure projects.

He said: “Making buildings more dementia-friendly is a fairly easy process, but it’s something that can make a big difference to people who experience memory problems.

“If you’ve ever taken a wrong turn in a hospital, shopping centre or big public building you’ll know how disorientating it can be. For someone with dementia, it can be downright frightening.

“Things like clear signage can make a big difference. It’s also important to ensure open public spaces are accessible and clutter-free, and we can use contrasting colour schemes which can help people to find their way.

“These are simple steps we can take that will not only improve our public buildings, but will also blaze a trail for others to follow. I’m looking forward to working with partners to make Leicester a dementia-friendly city.”

The Dementia Action Alliance has been set up to look at ways of ensuring local people with dementia retain their independence and dignity. It will look at how both infrastructure and people’s actions can be changed to make life easier for those with dementia.

Attendees at the first meeting will include representatives from the NHS, fire and rescue services, the Alzheimer’s Society, police, local public transport providers, religious leaders and community organisations.

To find out more about dementia care and support in Leicester, visit and search ‘dementia’.