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Work taking place to install new 20mph zone

Published on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A NEW 20mph zone is being installed in streets surrounding a city primary school.

Leicester City Council is bringing in the speed restrictions and traffic calming measures in the streets near to Fosse Primary School, in Balfour Street off Fosse Road North.

A 20mph limit is being introduced on streets including Bonchurch Street, Central Road, Balfour Street, Marshall Street, Bassett Street, Rugby Street, Dunton Street and Repton Street.

Various traffic-calming measures are also included in the designs, including installing speed cushions on Balfour Street outside the school, and making the yellow ‘Keep Clear’ markings mandatory.

There are also speed cushions at the junction of Balfour Street and Central Road, along with footway build-outs to cut traffic speeds.

Speed cushions and build-outs are being installed near the junction of Bonchurch Street and Marshall Street, with some nearby yellow lines removed to create extra parking.

Installation work began on October 10, and is due to be completed for the scheme to come into effect by the end of the month.

The measures were decided upon following consultations with residents, emergency services, the school and local ward councillors. Of those who responded to the proposals, 95 percent backed a 20mph speed limit, with 83 percent also supporting the traffic calming measures.

It is costing about £43,000 to implement the scheme, with funding coming from the council’s Transport Capital Programme.

The scheme is the latest in a citywide programme of 20mph zones in areas around schools, where requested by residents.