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Action to bring empty homes back into use

Published on Thursday, September 22, 2016

TWO houses which have stood empty for a combined total of 13 years are set to be brought back into use.

Leicester City Council plans to make compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) on properties at 80 St Ives Road, Rushey Mead, which has stood empty since 2008, and 116 Checketts Road, Belgrave, which has been vacant for five years.

The action follows numerous attempts by the city council’s empty homes team to contact the owners of the properties, but the properties have remained unimproved and unoccupied. Now, the city council will move to use its CPO powers to buy the properties and bring them back into use as homes.

Cllr Andy Connelly, assistant city mayor for housing, said: "We only consider compulsory purchase orders as a last resort, preferring to work with homeowners wherever we can.

“However, when a house has stood empty for a long time, it can become an eyesore and create problems for neighbours.

"When that happens, it’s important that we take action to bring the p
roperties back into use and help boost the number of homes available in the city."

The combined market value of the two properties is in the region of £210,000.

The council will cover its purchase costs by selling the houses to new owners, who must undertake to bring the property back into use within an agreed timescale.

All local authorities must comply with Government guidance when acquiring a property by means of compulsory purchase order.