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New 20mph zone in North Evington

Published on Thursday, September 15, 2016

New 20mph zone is to be introduced in streets near to Merrydale infant and junior schools. 

The scheme in North Evington will see new speed restrictions and traffic calming measures in the streets near to the two schools. 

The 20mph zone will come into effect in Hastings Road, Brighton Road, Berrington Close, Capesthorne Close, Ickworth Close, Winchendon Close, Frewin Street and Bramall Road. To the south and east of the schools, the 20mph zone will cover Claydon Road, Litelmede and the Martival.

Speed cushions and a road hump beneath a pedestrian crossing will also be installed on Hastings Road, between Brighton Road and Overton Road.

Local consultations showed very strong support for the scheme, with 94 percent of residents backing a 20mph zone and 85 percent backing traffic calming measures.

The scheme will cost about £27,000 to implement and could be in place by January 2017.

It is the latest in a programme of 20mph zones in residential streets near schools, where there has been local support for measures to be introduced.