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New bus lane enforcement cameras to be installed on A426

Published on Thursday, September 1, 2016

NEW enforcement cameras will be installed on two parts of the A426 to tackle drivers illegally using bus lanes to cut past queuing traffic.

Motorists travelling inbound on the A426 Lutterworth Road have complained about vehicles illegally using designated bus lanes to queue jump, both at the approach to Soar Valley Way and the junction with Middleton Street.

Cars in the bus lane also risk colliding with motorists merging into the nearside lane.

Surveys carried out by Leicester City Council traffic officers showed about 10 per centre of drivers were flouting the law by using the bus lanes, which were brought in back in summer 2013 as part of the £5.9million A426 bus corridor works.

The new enforcement cameras are due to be installed on the inbound carriageway at both the approach to Middleton Lane and the approach to Soar Valley Way. They will be operating 24 hours a day, every day.

They will cost about £60,000 in total to install and maintain, but are estimated to bring in about £114,000 surplus income in their first year in enforcement fines. The extra money will be re-invested in public transport and highway improvement works.

Bus gate enforcement is already in place in two city centre bus lanes, at Charles Street and Causeway Lane, where the number of contraventions has been drastically cut, from 6,049 in July 2012 to just 436 in April 2016.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “The A426 bus corridor was designed to provide a safe, fast and efficient bus route into the city, but it relies on the bus lanes not being used by cars illegally trying to take shortcuts. 

“Bus lanes in the city centre, at Charles Street and Causeway Lane, are already enforced by cameras, and the figures show that they’ve been an effective deterrent in cutting the number of drivers using them.

“I won’t be happy until we see no cars at all using these bus gates, as the signs and markings clearly indicate that they should not be in there.”

The new cameras are due to be installed along with additional signage, with enforcement expected to begin in November.