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Enforcement cameras will tackle illegal stopping at bus stops and zig-zags

Published on Friday, April 21, 2017

ENFORCEMENT cameras are due to be brought into use to tackle illegal parking or stopping in bus stops and on school zig-zag markings across the city.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby has approved the use of enforcement cameras to ensure that mandatory bus stop clearways – ie designated bus stops defined by yellow markings – are kept clear of cars which park or stop there.

The move will also allow for cameras enforcement to tackle dangerous parking and stopping on school yellow zig-zags and other entrance clearways such as those outside ambulance bays and fire stations.

The bus stop clearway outside Leicester Station, which is currently patrolled by civil enforcement officers, is among the areas being considered for 24-hour camera enforcement, which could be brought in as early as June 2017.

Road markings and signs allowing only buses and Hackney carriages to stop there were put in place in November 2016, replacing the previous double yellow lines.

It followed a fatal accident in July 2016 in which a passenger in a taxi which had stopped briefly on the double yellow lines opened a door, knocking passing cyclist Sam Boulton into the path of a moving van.

Further reports will now be drawn up to decide on the priority areas for enforcement and the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders needed, as well as more detailed figures for the costs of the scheme versus potential income.

Under the Traffic Management Act 2004, the city council can use mobile cameras to carry out enforcement of any bus stop clearways, zig-zag lines and other mandatory clearways anywhere in the city.

Traffic Regulation Orders would be used to make zig-zag lines outside schools - which are currently often advisory - mandatory and enforceable.

Enforcement cameras are already in operation in a number of bus lanes in the city, including the A426 Lutterworth Road, and bus gates at Charles Street, Horsefair Street and Causeway Lane.

Use of civil enforcement officers will also continue alongside camera enforcement.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “We carried out consultations with residents for six weeks in autumn 2016 as part of our Parking Improvement Plan, and one issue that came through very strongly was the enormous demand for us to tackle illegal and dangerous parking and stopping outside schools.

“Being able to use enforcement cameras at any location across the city vastly improves our ability to improve safety, respond to people’s concerns and issue penalty notices to those motorists responsible.

“As we’ve seen elsewhere in bus lanes in the city, use of enforcement cameras has slashed the numbers of motorists flouting the law, and we will now extend that action to keep bus stop clearways and other mandatory clearway areas free from cars stopping or parking.”

Nottingham City Council currently carries out the back office functions for bus lane enforcement, such as processing penalty charge notices, on behalf of Leicester City Council.

This agreement will continue and will be varied to incorporate the additional enforcement work.   

Drivers caught on camera in designated clearways will face fines of  £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.