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Residents' parking scheme to be introduced near Watermead Park

Published on Friday, April 28, 2017

A RESIDENTS-only parking scheme is due to be introduced in a street near Watermead Park after complaints about long-running traffic problems.

Alderton Close, which borders the southern section of Watermead Park and the adjoining golf course, is frequently used by visitors for free car parking to attend events in the park itself.

Leicester City Council is bringing in a residents' parking zone covering the close, following consultations with those living there.

The scheme is due to come into effect on Monday, May 1.

Signs warning people of the scheme have been displayed in the area for a week beforehand, from Monday, April 24.

The city council had pledged to bring in residents-only parking by summer 2017, in order to address long-running concerns over use of the street by park visitors.

It will cost the city council about £5,000 to implement.

Residents will be given information on applying for permits, which cost £25 a year, along with details of how the scheme will work. Residents can also purchase temporary visitor passes for guests. 

Anyone parking in the area after May 1, 2017 without a suitable permit or pass will receive a penalty charge notice for £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

Leicester City Council’s city highways director, Martin Fletcher, said: “Residents in Alderton Close have raised numerous concerns with us over the way the street is used as a parking area for park visitors.

“The problem is at its worst when there are major events taking place at the park, and the street often becomes so congested that residents are unable to get their own vehicles out.

“We consulted residents on a possible residents' parking scheme, and not one of them raised any objections, so we will be bringing in the scheme at the start of May.

“We are also proposing to create a suitable new car park and picnic area nearby at the edge of the park. We hope that these measures will help bring this misery to an end.” 

The Alderton Close residents' parking scheme will be the latest in a programme of similar schemes, which already covers streets in parts of Highfields, Westcotes, Bede Island and Riverside, as well as numerous streets near HMP Leicester and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Further details on residents' parking schemes are available at: