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Cheaper season tickets on the way for Park & Ride regulars

Published on Thursday, August 3, 2017

THE COST of using Leicester’s park and ride services could reduce significantly for commuters who buy season tickets this autumn.

Under proposals due to be presented to members of the city council’s economic development, transport and tourism scrutiny commission, people buying a 52-week ticket from September would see the cost of their ticket dropping from £420 to £320.

Those opting for a 26-week ticket would pay £160 instead of £230, while the price of a 13-week ticket would be slashed from £130 to just £80.

Assistant city mayor for the environment Cllr Adam Clarke said: “We’re committed to reducing congestion and improving air quality in Leicester, and one way of doing that is by cutting the number of cars that drive into the city centre each day.

“We know that cost is a key factor when people decide how to make their journeys, so we’ve looked at how we can make our Park & Ride services more attractive to those who regularly drive into the city centre.

“Under the proposed new, simpler pricing structure, a season ticket holder who commutes to the city centre five times a week would pay just over £1 per day to leave their car in our secure car parks and travel into the city centre on a comfortable bus, in designated bus lanes, with free WiFi.

“Compared to the costs of all-day parking in the city centre, this clearly represents good value for money, and we hope that it will encourage more commuters to switch to Park & Ride.”

While the cost of season tickets is set to drop under the proposals, other Park & Ride tickets would go up in price for the first time since 2009.

In the first review of fares in eight years, the cost of a day ticket is set to rise from £3 to £3.50, with a group day ticket – for a car and up to 5 people – going up from £3.50 to £4.

The 10-Day ticket would go up to £31 (from £26), the 4-Weekly ticket would cost £50 (up from £42), and the concessionary day fare would go up from £1 to £1.50.

A Park & Cycle scheme would also be formalised as part of the proposals, with drivers paying £50 per year to park their cars and complete their journey to the city centre by bike.

All of Leicester’s park & ride services – operating from Enderby, Meynell’s Gorse and Birstall – are provided jointly by Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council.

Pam Posnett, Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet member for passenger transport, said: “We are aware of congestion issues currently blighting our roads. Encouraging more motorists to travel on the Park & Ride services could help ease this problem, especially at peak times.

“If approved these changes could go some way to achieving our goals and make Park & Ride journeys, where services run right into the city centre, more attractive to people.”

The proposals are due to be presented to members of the city council’s economic development, transport and tourism scrutiny commission on Thursday 10 August.

The new fares and pricing structure could be in place from Monday 4 September.