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Trial chicane to tackle speeding vehicles

Published on Friday, August 18, 2017

A TRIAL scheme to tackle speeding motorists using a route through Knighton Fields is being brought in. 

Residents living in and around Knighton Fields Road say vehicles regularly speed through the tunnel taking the road beneath the railway bridge.

Now following work by local ward councillors, Leicester City Council has agreed to install a temporary chicane on the approach either side of the tunnel, forcing drivers to slow down.

The chicane will be in place for a two-week trial, starting on Monday, August 21, during which council traffic officers will monitor its effectiveness.

The work will involve placing the temporary traffic calming measures in the centre of the road on either side of the bridge.

The current traffic signs give priority to vehicles travelling from west to east, (ie from Saffron Lane towards Welford Road) and the new scheme will include additional arrows directing eastbound traffic to stay to the left.

The road is a well-used cut-through between Welford Road and Saffron Lane. 

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Cllr Kirk Master, said: “Residents have brought up with ward councillors their concerns over the number of drivers going through this route at excessive speeds, which puts other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists at risk. 

“By installing this temporary chicane, we are making sure drivers have to slow down on the approach to the tunnel.

“This is a temporary trial scheme, but if it proves to be effective then we will look at installing more permanent measures.”

Saffron ward councillor Bill Shelton added: “The dangers of this bridge have caused concern among local residents, and we are pleased to have helped raise this issue.”