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Comedy festival comes to the Guildhall

Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

LEICESTER’S Comedy Festival is coming to the Guildhall this month, with Victorian entertainment, sharp Welsh wit and a tribute to Laurel & Hardy among the treats on offer.

On Saturday 11 February, Dr Ray Lowry will present Funny Bones and Wisdom Teeth, an old-school one-man comedy show. Dr Lowry, a retired doctor and dentist, has previously written and performed with Dave Allen, Kenneth Williams and the Two Ronnies.

The Pleasant Revolt, on Sunday 12 February, will see comedian Donna Scott taking a joyfully comic look at social justice through the ages – from plague pits and pitchfork mobs to the Houses of Westminster, with much silliness along the way. 

A tribute to Laurel & Hardy takes place at the museum on Friday 17 February, with an award-winning production from Lucky Dog Theatre Productions. Hats Off to Laurel & Hardy has been performed in Berlin, Prague and Los Angeles, and is an accurate and moving account of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy’s lives and careers. The show includes recreations of their most famous routines.

Lindsey and Ian’s Incredible Improv Adventure is a family show taking place at the Guildhall on Sunday 19 February. Dress up, sing along, suggest ideas for a fantastic new story and play a round of 'Catch the Lobster' with award-winning comedians Ian Hall and Lindsey Warnes Carroll. Sit back and relax, or delve into a bottomless box of props and wigs to join in the fun!

‘End to End’ is a quirky, fast-paced and assured debut from Col Howarth, who plots a single journey from one end of a busy high street to the other, revealing the dots of a story that arcs between a series of chance encounters, unexpected tangents and harsh realisations. He’ll be bringing the show to the Guildhall on Monday 20 February.

On the same day, two rising stars of the Welsh comedy scene, On On the same date, Steffan Evans and Drew Taylor will perform Tales from Wales, a sharp observational comedy show touching on all the important topics – cultural identity, the importance of bilingualism and the benefits of playing hours of Subbuteo as a child.

Tea with Oscar is billed as a chat show with a difference, as ‘Oscar Wilde’ interviews leading celebrities of the Victorian era. It’s performed on Friday 24 February, by theatre company Don’t Go Into The Cellar, billed as ‘The British Empire’s finest purveyors of top-notch Victorian entertainment’.

And from February 4 to 26, the Guildhall will be hosting The 1,000 Years History Show, a 20-minute performance from comedian and songwriter Antony King.

Suitable for all ages, it will be performed on the hour from 12-4pm, and features references to Leicester’s most famous king… and that’s not Antony himself!

For more details of times and admission prices for these shows, contact the Guildhall on 0116 253 2569 or see