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Council wins £67k to get more people walking and cycling to work

Published on Thursday, February 23, 2017

LEICESTER is set to receive £67,000 of government cash to help encourage local business to get more of their staff walking and cycling.

The city council is one of 20 local authorities to be awarded a share of the Government’s £3.7million Air Quality Grant for 2016/17.

In Leicester, the Government money will be used to support a ‘Discovery Walks and Rides’ programme for local businesses.

This will aim to encourage over 500 people to switch to cleaner, greener and more active modes of travel for their daily commute.

Local businesses will be invited to take part in a ten-week programme of guided walks and bike rides, with support on hand to plan suitable routes from home to work. The Government cash will also pay for a fleet of six electric bikes which will be offered to local firms on a trial basis.

Cllr Adam Clarke, assistant city mayor for energy and sustainability, said: “Our successful grant bid will help us to extend work already underway across the city to encourage more people to walk and cycle to work.

“Helping people rethink their commute from single occupant car journeys to more active modes of transport has clear benefits all round. It’s cheaper, healthier and better for the environment.

“The Discovery Walks and Rides programme is a gentle way for local businesses to work with their staff and help encourage some positive changes in people’s commuting habits.”

Local businesses that want to find out more about the new scheme can email

Last month, the city and county councils' efforts to promote walking and cycling were given a major boost with the award of £3.2milllion of Government cash from the Sustainable Transport Access Fund.