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Latest traffic calming and 20mph zones to come into effect

Published on Thursday, February 2, 2017

FOUR traffic calming schemes and 20mph zones in residential areas of Leicester are coming into effect.

The schemes were approved following consultation with residents and businesses in the various areas, who supported the introduction of 20mph zones to help cut accident risk and encourage more walking and cycling.

In all, the four latest schemes cover 71 streets and take in over 13km of road.

On January 30 a new 20mph zone came into effect in the streets around Northfields Primary School. Streets in the scheme include Woodgreen Road, Rushford Drive and the adjoining streets Rushford Close, Birch Close, Woodside Close, Cedarwood Close and Blaise Grove, along with Holkham Avenue, Attingham Close, Buscot Close, Jubilee Gardens, Carpe Road, Peake Road, Iliffe Road, Braybrooke Road,  Thornville Close, Swainson Road, Stockton Road, Tunstall Crescent, Portishead Road and Clevedon Crescent.

The remainder of the scheme covers Brackley Close, Bale Road, Northfield Road, Dunholme Road, Aneford Road and Tomlin Road.

The streets already had a number of existing speed humps and speed cushions, and yellow zig zags outside Northfields House Primary School were made mandatory in the new scheme, which cost about £7,500 in total. A larger 20mph scheme around Bloomfield Road, east of Saffron Lane, is currently being installed, on streets including Whittier Road, Copinger Road, Bloomfield Road, Heathcott Road, Cheviot Road, Cairngorm Close and Grampian Close.

Work on the £40,000 scheme began on January 30, and is due to be completed by February 3. It will come into effect on Monday, February 6.

Two further 20mph schemes will be installed later this month during the school half-term holidays.

Streets near to Merrydale infant and junior schools, in North Evington, will be made a 20mph zone, including Hastings Road, Brighton Road, Berrington Close, Capesthorne Close, Ickworth Close, Winchendon Close, Frewin Street and Bramall Road.

To the south and east of the schools, the 20mph zone will cover Claydon Road, Litelmede and the Martival.

Speed cushions and a road hump beneath a pedestrian crossing will also be installed on Hastings Road, between Brighton Road and Overton Road.

The work is costing about £27,000 in total, and the scheme should come into effect on Monday, February 20.

Lastly, a 20mph new speed limit and traffic calming measures will be installed in a series of streets either side of Charnor Road, in New Parks, which itself already has a 20mph limit.

The zone is being extended to include all the streets north of Dominion Road, south of Groby Road and west of New Parks Way, with the city boundary as its western border.

The area includes streets surrounding Forest Lodge Primary School and Forest Lodge Education Centre. 

Most of the streets included in the new 20mph zone already have traffic calming measures installed, but some additional work will be carried out.

Existing speed cushions on Charnor Road will be replaced, and school ‘Keep Clear’ markings will also be made mandatory on Charnor Road and Overseal Road, with a section of markings removed from Charnor Road. 

Elsewhere in the scheme, four new speed cushions will be added to Battersbee Road. 

The work is expected to cost about £32,000, and will take place on February 14 and 15, with the scheme coming into operation on Monday, February 20.

The schemes are all funded from Leicester City Council’s transport Capital Programme for 2016/17. 

They are the latest in an ongoing programme of installing 20mph zones and traffic calming in areas across the city where residents have requested them.