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Former hostels set to provide new council homes

Published on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

THREE former city council hostels are set to be transformed into new homes for people on the council’s housing register.

The council has set out plans to spend around £2.1m converting the former Lower Hastings Street, Loughborough Road and Myrtle Road hostels, which were closed in 2014. 

If the proposal is approved, the Myrtle Road property will become two, four-bedroom houses, and the Loughborough Road and Lower Hastings Street buildings will be converted to provide 17 flats.

The investment will also cover the cost of changing a former house in multiple occupation in Seymour Street into a large family home.

In total the works would provide 17 new flats and three houses for people in need of council housing.

Asst city mayor Cllr Andy Connelly is to take a decision on the investment on January 13. He said: “This scheme will enable us to bring new life into these former hostels and provide long-term accommodation for individuals and families in need.

“There is a great need for more affordable housing in the city and the council is very limited in what it can do to create more, so we need to take advantage of opportunities like this where funding can be found.”

Most of the finance for the works would come from income from council rents and money from the sale of council housing as part of the Right to Buy scheme.

If the scheme gets the final go-ahead, work would begin on the conversions at the end of January, and would be expected to be complete by the end of the year.