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Crackdown on dangerous parking to begin

Published on Monday, July 31, 2017

DRIVERS who park so dangerously that they cause a hazard to other road users and pedestrians are being targeted in a road safety crackdown by Leicester City Council.

Motorists will now face immediate fines if they park recklessly in areas such as school zig-zag markings, in bus clearways, or on double yellow lines in dangerous locations such as corners, junctions or across drop kerbs.

The move comes after consultation with the police and emergency services, whose vehicles are often obstructed by dangerously parked cars in narrow residential streets.

Concerns about dangerous and obstructive parking have been raised with the city council in areas including Evington Road, East Park Road and Uppingham Road, as well as the main arterial routes into the city.

Civil enforcement officers (CEOs) currently observe any vehicle breaking parking restrictions for five minutes – which is good practice – before issuing a parking penalty charge notice under the Traffic Management Act 2004. However, this often means that motorists drive off before a fine can be issued. 

This observation period can now be waived for offences where vehicles are parking so badly that they put other road users at risk.

The new approach comes into effect immediately.

Vehicles can also be towed away if the driver is classed as a persistent offender of receiving parking fines in Leicester. The city council will also consider towing a vehicle if it is parked dangerously or inconsiderately on the highway, or causing danger to pedestrians.

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Cllr Kirk Master, said: “Dangerous, irresponsible and obstructive parking causes serious problems by putting other road users at risk.

“All too often it has a knock-on effect of blocking the free flow of traffic, causing congestion and disruption, and at worst obstructing emergency service vehicles and potentially putting lives at risk.

“Waiving the five-minute observation period means we can tackle the very worst offenders immediately, without having to wait.

“In instances where people are breaching parking regulations, but aren’t causing a danger, then we will continue to observe before issuing a fine.

“However, irresponsible drivers who park on zig-zag yellow lines outside schools or in bus lanes really have no excuse.”

The city council is working closely with the police on the enforcement. The police will continue to tackle reckless or obstructive parking in places where there are no parking restrictions.