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Paige unveils city’s latest outdoor gym

Published on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A NEW outdoor gym in Eyres Monsell is being officially unveiled by boxer Paige Murney.

Paige, a Team GB Olympic hopeful who is in the Great Britain development squad, will be at Exchange Park in Eyres Monsell on Saturday (8 July) to try out the new equipment and chat to local people.

It’s one of 31 outdoor gym facilities that has been installed by Leicester City Council in parks and green spaces across the city.

The gyms feature equipment such as rowers, ski machines and chest presses. The aim is to aid aerobic, muscle-toning and strength-building activities for everyone – from exercise novices to committed gym users.

The Eyres Monsell outdoor gym features 10 pieces of equipment and was installed at a cost of £28,000. It was paid for with public health funding, to help people get more active.

On Saturday, staff will also be on hand to show people how to use the equipment and suggest training plans they could follow to use the gym regularly.

Deputy city mayor Cllr Rory Palmer, who leads on health and wellbeing, said: “We’ve received positive feedback from residents in the places where we’ve installed these gyms. We know they’re a versatile and convenient way for people to build some exercise into their routines.

“It’s really important that we do all we can to encourage people to have an active lifestyle. This is equipment is free, accessible and suitable for a wide range of people to use, which makes it really easy for people to give it a try.”

Paige Murney added: “It’s fantastic to see this investment in outdoor gyms across the city.

“As a boxer, the gym is at the heart of my training regime and has played an important role in my ambition to represent my country. 

“To anyone across the city who would like to improve their levels of physical activity – I would encourage you to make use of these great facilities.”

As well as outdoor gyms, the city council has recently received requests for calisthenics bars to be fitted alongside the gyms. These are bars and frames which allow people to use their own bodyweight to do some strength training.

As a result, a calisthenics frame has been installed at Bede Park next to the outdoor gym and alongside the Parkour training area. Plans are currently being developed to provide calisthenic-style fitness frames at Rally Park, Gilmorton Avenue and Towers Park.

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