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Talk focuses on cathedral's peregrine falcons

Published on Monday, July 10, 2017

LEICESTER’S resident peregrine falcons will be the subject of a talk at Leicester’s Guildhall this weekend.

A pair of the birds of the prey have made their nest in Leicester Cathedral’s lofty spire, resulting in two clutches of eggs being laid, one in April and again in May.

Despite high hopes among observers of the falcons, none of the eggs hatched into young birds.

Visitors can now get up to date with events at the peregrines' nest at a talk which takes place on Saturday, July 15 at 11.15am. It will also encourage people to get involved in observing the fascinating birds.

Leicester City Council nature conservation officer Richard Kelly said: “We were very happy earlier this year when the peregrines nested in the specially-created area on Leicester Cathedral’s spire.

“But sadly neither of the clutches they produced came to anything.

"We were able to view the footage from the nest box and noticed that the nest had failed. The footage we had from May showed the female bird eating apparently damaged eggs after first gently tapping them to ensure they didn’t contain any growing chicks.”

Jim Graham from the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society added: “We are still analysing the videos and liaising with Sheffield University who are examining eggshell remnants.

"We are trying to understand why the nest has failed. It may be that there was a fertility issue or other environmental factors may be involved.

“Although the birds are still active around the cathedral, we believe that breeding for this year has now come to an end but we remain hopeful for 2018.” 

Anyone interested in learning more about the peregrines can go along to the event at the Guildhall.

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