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New 20mph zone and traffic calming for Evington Village

Published on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RESIDENTS in Evington Village are due to get a new 20mph zone and traffic calming measures installed in the area.

The scheme, which includes the area around Linden Primary School, was proposed by Leicester City Council as part of a citywide programme of offering 20mph zones in residential areas.

A public consultation took place in July and August to gauge support for a 20mph zone and traffic calming measures. Of those who replied, 84 percent supported bringing in a 20mph zone, with 62 percent backing traffic calming measures.

Work will now begin on detailed designs for the scheme, with installation work planned for February 2018. The scheme, which will cost about £60,000, is due to come into effect in March 2018.

The new 20mph zone will cover the whole length of Aldgate Avenue, Blundell Road, Cordery Road, Evington Mews, Gifford Close, Grocot Road, Harwin Road, Hawthorne Drive, Headland Road, Hextall Road, Linden Drive, Main Street, St Denys Road, School Lane, Sidmouth Avenue, The Common and The Hollow.

In addition, it will also include a section of Evington Lane from Hawthorne Drive to the cul de sac, and also an 88-metre section to the west of the junction between Evington Lane and The Common, which would also be the site of proposed speed cushions.

A section of Spencefield Lane will also have a 20mph limit, from Church Road to a point 55 metres north east of Church Road.

Speed humps are also planned for The Common and St Denys Road, while a road hump will also be installed at the site of the existing pedestrian crossing in Main Street.

Traffic calming measures have previously been installed in Church Lane and High Street, which are covered by an existing 20mph zone, and also outside Linden Primary School in Headland Road, following a petition in 2015.