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Preparation works to begin at new Vaughan Way super-crossing site

Published on Friday, November 17, 2017

PREPARATION work is due to begin on roads and pavements at the site of the planned new super-crossing on Vaughan Way.

Contractors will be digging a series of trial holes at 16 locations between Vaughan Way, St Margarets Way and Highcross Street in the coming two weeks to establish the layout of utilities such as electricity cables and gas pipes.

The work will begin on Monday, November 20, and will continue until Thursday, November 30.

Much of the work will be on pavements and footpaths, though some road lane closures will take place on three of the nights.

On Tuesday, November 21, Highcross Street will be closed southbound to all traffic from its junction with Vaughan Way to the junction with Freeschool Lane, from 7pm until 5am the following morning.

Traffic will be diverted along Vaughan Way, St Nicholas Circle, St Nicholas Place and Highcross Street.

The following night, Wednesday, November 22, the section of Highcross Street north of the ring road will be closed southbound to traffic between All Saints Open and Vaughan Way, between 7pm and 5am the following morning.

Drivers entering the city via the A50 will be diverted along Sanvey Gate and St Margaret’s Way before returning to Vaughan Way.

Finally, on Monday, November 27, there will be a repeat of the lane closure from November 22, with the same diversions in place through the evening and night. 

Contractor Morgan Sindall is sending letters to residents in the area advising them of the planned night working and likely noise disruption.

Night works can take place anytime between 7pm and 7am, though the contractors will try to ensure the noisiest work ends by 9pm. 

The works are part of a major £3million scheme to remodel and improve the junction, in order to create a new link to a planned £50million development planned for derelict land opposite Highcross.

Work on the super-crossing itself is due to begin in January 2018. 

Leicester City Council’s city highways director, Martin Fletcher, said: “The planned super-crossing at Vaughan Way is a major piece of work, and these trial holes need to be dug beforehand to understand the layout of pipes, cables and other obstacles below ground.

“The priority is keeping all roads and footpaths open as much as possible during peak times, but this means contractors are having to work during the evenings and night.”

 Traffic information will be available on