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Car parks to accept contactless payments

Published on Thursday, April 5, 2018

A total of 20 payment machines in Leicester City Council-operated car parks have been modified to accept credit and debit cards, and contactless payments, from the w/c Monday, April 2.


On-street parking spaces will continue to only accept cash at present.


The work to upgrade the machines was carried out throughout March, with all 20 machines complete and operating with contactless technology by the start of April.


The decision to enable contactless payments is the latest step to enable easier parking in the city centre, which has also included simplifying hourly tariffs, and the introduction of a new discounted Night Owl rate for parking after 5pm.


The Night Owl rate is available to any motorists arriving after 5pm; parking will be free in some car parks, and discounted in others. Previously, night-time rates only applied after 6pm, but this has been brought forward to encourage early evening visitors into the city centre.


The pay and display machines were purchased with the technology and hardware needed for contactless payments already included, and the latest work has involved both upgrading and activating that software, and working with a firm to process the cashless transactions.


Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “We want to make it easier for people to park in Leicester, both in the daytime and also in the evenings, and these improvements are all part of that.


“It is much easier for people to make contactless payments, pay by debit card or pay by smartphone app than it is to try to have the right change available.


“The Night Owl rate will simplify evening parking, and support the city’s night-time economy by making it easier for people to park for early evening dining or seeing a show at one of the city’s venues for example.


“People who arrive from 5pm onwards will pay a significantly cheaper rate – in some car parks evening parking will be free – which will hopefully encourage people to enjoy what Leicester has to offer, knowing that plentiful, cheap parking is available.”


Contactless debit card payment machines are now in operation at a number of city council car parks including the Haymarket, street-level car parks at Victoria Park, Dover Street, Upper Brown Street, Phoenix Square, St Margaret’s Pastures and Abbey Park.


The contactless technology allows motorists to pay by debit or credit card, using either the contactless or regular chip and pin method.


Smartphone users with the relevant banking payment app will also be able to use that to pay.


Details of all city council-run car parks are available at: