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Community buildings offered to local groups

Published on Thursday, April 12, 2018

COMMUNITY groups are being given the chance to run three city buildings as part of Leicester City Council’s plan to transform neighbourhood services.


Braunstone Grove, in Cort Crescent, Braunstone Frith Recreation Centre, in Sharman Crescent and Mayfield Children’s Centre, in Mayfield Road, are being offered to local groups for them to take over the running of the buildings, under the council’s community asset transfer policy.


It means the buildings could continue to offer neighbourhood services to local people, acting as venues for meetings, groups and community activities.


Community organisations will be invited to develop a business plan to take on these buildings. Independent support will be provided for all interested groups to help them put together a good business plan.


To help encourage specific community activities, any group which takes over the running of Braunstone Grove will need to show how they will keep footballing activities going at the site, which consists of a youth centre and football changing rooms.


At the Mayfield Centre, any future leaseholder would need to commit to delivering activities for under-fives.


Cllr Kirk Master, assistant city mayor responsible for neighbourhood services, said: “By offering these buildings for local groups to run, we’re giving people the opportunity to deliver the community activities they want to see in their area.


“There are specific requirements for the types of activity to be delivered at two of these buildings due to the purposes they were originally built for.  We want to ensure that any future leaseholders understand they’ll need to continue to provide these specific services.


“We have to change the way we run community services, because Government cuts means we can’t afford to continue to run all buildings as we do now. But we’re keen to support local groups – who are often current users of the buildings – to take over the running of these premises, so that they stay available for people to use.”


The city council estimates around £70,000 would be saved by transferring these three buildings for community groups to run. 


There has already been interest from community organisations in taking on the running of these buildings.


Meetings are being held for any groups interested in finding out more at:


  • Braunstone Frith Recreation Centre: 18 April at 3.30pm
  • Braunstone Grove: 19 April at 4.30pm
  • Mayfield Centre: 20 April at 4.30pm.


Interested groups need to submit a final business case by 29 May 2018.


To find out more, visit