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Consultation launched on major new 20mph zone in city community

Published on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

PEOPLE living in Eyres Monsell are being asked their views in a major consultation about an extensive new 20mph zone in the area.

Leicester City Council is proposing a widespread 20mph zone and traffic calming measures for dozens of residential streets between Glenhills Boulevard, Lutterworth Road, Saffron Lane and the southernmost border of Eyres Monsell.

Several neighbouring streets in Glen Parva are also included in the proposals.

The proposals cover speed restrictions for 94 streets in the area, along with traffic calming measures on Glenhills Boulevard (south), and follow concerns raised by residents about traffic speeds in the area.

The consultation is open to local residents, local schools, businesses and other people who use the area. It runs from Wednesday, January 24, until February 24, 2018.

People will be able to view a detailed map within the proposed 20mph zone area, as well as details and locations of planned traffic calming measures.

They will be able to say whether or not they agree or disagree with the plans, as well as providing any other comments and information.

Over 4,000 leaflets detailing the proposals are being distributed to households across the area, including a paper copy of the questionnaire and pre-paid envelope.

Results from the consultation will be used in the decision-making process on whether a scheme will be introduced.

Eyres Monsell ward councillor Virginia Cleaver said: “Residents had expressed their concerns about speeding vehicles on these residential streets, and called on ward councillors to raise the issue.

“I am very happy that the council has agreed to draw up proposals for traffic calming and speed-reductions on a wide range of streets.

"This consultation is the chance for residents to comment on those proposals, so I would urge people to get involved and make their views known.”

The proposals are the latest in a citywide programme of introducing 20mph zones in residential areas where requested to do so by residents, in order to make streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

To take part in the consultation online, and for further information, visit: