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New 20mph zone to be funded by housing developer

Published on Friday, January 19, 2018

A NEW 20mph zone is to be brought in on residential streets around a city school.

The zone is set to come into effect in the area around Kestrels’ Field Primary School, Hamilton, and is part of the city council’s programme of 20mph zones to improve safety, cut accidents, and encourage more cycling and walking.

The scheme, which follows consultation with local residents, the school and emergency services among others, will cost about £90,000 to implement, and will be paid for by housing firm Redrow Homes as part of the planning conditions on a nearby development.

Leicester City Council is introducing the speed limit, which is due to come into effect in April 2018.

The new 20mph zone will include dozens of streets across the Hamilton estate, including newly-developed ones on the eastern side of the estate.

Streets featured in the new scheme will include: Stonecrop Road, Wintergreen Close, Honeysuckle Road, Elmtree Close, Hollowtree Road, Gartree Close, Coltsfoot Road, Ramson Close, Ashtree Road, Foxglove Road, Trefoil Close, Sorrel Road, Sundew Road, Orchid Close and Celandine Road.

Maidenwell Avenue will get a 20mph limit from the approach to its junction with Laverton Road at Kestrels’ Field Primary School.

To the east of Maidenwell Avenue, the scheme will include: Laverton Road, Dunnington Close, Bentley Close, Kingsley Road, Octon Close, Farnley Road, Newland Close, Hayton Road, Gatenby Close, Grindale Road, Cloughton Road, Borrowby Close, Barlow Road, Carnaby Close, Langtoft Close, Raywell Road, Hazeldene Road, Bramble Close, Charlock Road, Samphire Close, Bryony Road and Burdock Close.

Streets will also be included in the area to the south of the east-west section of Maidenwell Avenue, including Burnet Close, Meadowsweet Road, Cranesbill Road and Yarrow Close.

Various traffic calming measures will be added in Maidenwell Avenue itself, including speed cushions and a chicane, a full-width road hump and an extension to a traffic island outside the school. A bus stop will also be removed to make space for a chicane to cut traffic speeds.

Consultations carried out among local residents revealed 81 percent of those who responded supported plans for a 20mph zone, with 68 percent also in favour of traffic-calming measures.

The scheme is due to come into effect in April 2018.