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City council launches new equality strategy

Published on Thursday, June 7, 2018

THE city council is launching a new equality strategy, outlining its commitment to equality, diversity and human rights in Leicester.

The strategy covers the city council’s roles as a service provider, employer and community leader. It aims to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and promote good relations between all people, regardless of their background or characteristics.

It is accompanied by a new equality action plan, which sets out how the council will put into action the principles of the strategy. This includes supporting people who need help to use digital services, to make sure that everyone can gain fair access to online facilities and new technology.

There are also plans to introduce actions that will help to remove the barriers to managerial opportunities in the council to people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, who are currently under-represented at senior levels.

Councillor Manjula Sood, assistant city mayor responsible for communities and equalities, said: “Leicester is a unique city with a proud reputation when it comes to diversity. We want to ensure that people treat each other with fairness, dignity and respect.

“The council has a responsibility to deliver excellent services to the people of Leicester – services which understand and are responsive to the needs of different people and communities. This strategy and action plan will help us to do that.

“I am very proud that I was the first Asian female Lord Mayor in the UK. As an employer, 64 per cent of the council’s senior team are women, but people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are under-represented at this level, so we want to work towards changing that for the better. We want to make sure we fully represent and reflect Leicester’s diverse communities.”

The strategy will run for four years before being reviewed in 2022, while the action plan will be reviewed annually.

As well as covering the council’s aims and ambitions, the strategy sets out how the authority meets its legal duties in relation the Equality Act and Human Rights Act.

The strategy will be discussed at the next meeting of full council, on 14 June. To find out more, view the council agenda and papers, including a copy of the strategy, at