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Explore Leicester’s history to the present day online

Published on Monday, June 18, 2018

Horsefair Street in 1976

Look back at two thousand years of Leicester's history, from its humble beginnings through to a modern-day city on our new-look Story of Leicester website.

You can go back in time to see how old Leicester now compares to the city it is today. Learn how Leicester’s social and built heritage plays a key part in the city today and into the future. 

Discover the defining characteristics of each time period and the key themes associated with each period through stories unique to Leicester. There’s even a timeline functionality which helps you navigate through various periods in our history, be it Roman, Victorian or to the modern day.

The new website works compliments over a 100 heritage interpretation panels located across the city featuring information on key buildings and well-known individuals associated with Leicester. It also includes 'Visitor Information' boxes throughout to let you know which places can still be visited today.

Start your journey into our city's rich history at