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Smart new look for Saffron Lane shutters

Published on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pet shop new shutter

SHOPS on Leicester’s Saffron Lane are getting a smart new night-time look, thanks to a city council scheme that’s helping to improve the appearance of neighbourhood shopping areas.

Businesses on the parade that sign up for the pilot scheme will be able to get their existing shopfront shutters covered with a printed vinyl that features photographs reflecting the history of the Saffron Lane area.

The printed vinyls will cover up any graffiti on the shutters, making the shopfronts – and the parade of shops – much more attractive at night.

Deputy City Mayor Cllr Adam Clarke said: “We’ve been supporting local businesses with shopfront improvement grants for a number of years, but this is the first time we’ve helped lift an area by smartening up the shutters that protect its businesses at night.

“These vinyls are a simple way to cover up any graffiti and tidy up the parade in an instant – and that will help boost confidence in the area.

“I hope these nostalgic images of Saffron Lane will prove to be popular with the businesses based on the parade, as well as the people who live and shop in the area.”

Four shops have signed up for the shutter makeover so far, with the first three vinyls now in place.

A view of the Saffron estate under construction has been applied to the shutter on Café Grand at number 449, an image of the number 24 bus that used to link Saffron Lane with the city centre has brightened up East Midlands Pet & Reptile Supplies (435 Saffron Lane), and a photograph of a steam train at the old Saffron Lane crossing has enhanced the shutter at Saffron Eye Care at number 441.

Plans for the vinyl for a fourth business on Saffron Lane – XChange Buddy – are still to be confirmed.

Jay Mullaney of East Midlands Pet & Reptile Supplies said: “We love our new look shutter – and our customers have told us they love it too.

“Now that three businesses have got the new vinyls, the parade is looking much smarter already – they really brighten up the area.

“I hope that other shops in the parade will see what a difference it’s made and apply for a vinyl for their shutters too.”

Owners of other businesses on the parade that are interested in having a vinyl for their shutters should email or call Trevor Mee at the city council on 0116 454 2949.

The vinyls are currently only available to businesses on the parade in Saffron Lane, but the pilot scheme may be rolled out to other areas.

Printing and installing the first three vinyls for the Saffron Lane shops has cost around £4,000, with the funding coming from the city council’s retail area improvement scheme.

The scheme is a three-year regeneration programme that aims to support the growth of local businesses and improve the environment in retail areas.

Saffron Lane is one of eight shopping areas that have been prioritised for the scheme. Aylestone village, Barley Croft Shopping Centre, Heyford Road, King Richard’s Road, St Stephen’s Road, Wharf Street North and the city centre (Church Gate/Market area) are also included in the scheme.

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