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Standards Committee finds that city councillor breached code of conduct

Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

THE city council’s Standards Committee has made public the findings of its investigation into a complaint against Cllr Stephen Corrall.

The council’s monitoring officer, Kamal Adatia called for the investigation after receiving a complaint about inappropriate and disrespectful language used by Cllr Corrall in relation to another councillor, at a pre-meeting of the Police and Crime Panel.

The committee found that Cllr Corrall did act as alleged, and breached the city council’s code of conduct.

In a report to the monitoring officer, the investigator concluded: “While recognising that Cllr Corrall’s comments were made during a private discussion involving only two other people, I consider that his offensive remarks seriously risked damaging the reputation of his authority.”

The Standards Committee found that Cllr Corrall breached the code by acting in a disrespectful manner; failing to uphold and promote the authority’s discharge of its equality obligations; conducting himself in a manner which is likely to bring the authority into disrepute; and for all of these reasons failed to uphold and promote these principles by leadership and example, and act in a way that secures and preserves public confidence.

Leicester City Council’s Monitoring Officer Kamal Adatia said: The Standards Committee had no hesitation in concluding that Cllr Corrall's remarks went way beyond permissible criticism and were in fact offensive and disrespectful.

"Whilst the law grants few powers to the committee once it finds that the code has been breached, it does retain the power to censure publicly, in an effort to expose misconduct and send a message to others in public office that high standards are expected and will be enforced.”

Cllr Corrall did not attend the meeting but submitted a letter of apology to the Standards Committee. In his letter he stated: “I wish to make a full and unequivocal public apology for using those words. I want to apologise to those people I have offended and also to apologise to this committee for giving you unnecessary work to resolve the complaint against me.”

The Standards Committee has recommended that Cllr Corrall should be withdrawn from any appointments to any outside bodies where he serves as a representative of the council.

A copy of the Standard’s Committee Decision Notice and the Investigator’s report is available here