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Residents to give their views on road safety measures in Humberstone Village

Published on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

20mph warning sign

DESIGNS have been drawn up to improve road safety in a community in response to concerns raised at a series of public meetings.

Residents and councillors in Humberstone Village have been calling for action to tackle speeding drivers, rat-running and inconsiderate parking in and around Main Street.

Following a series of public meetings, patch walks and traffic surveys in the area, the city council has now put forward plans to reinforce the existing 20mph speed limit with physical traffic-calming measures, along with time restrictions on existing parking bays outside shops.

The existing 20mph speed limit covers Main Street, Steins Lane, Vicarage Lane between Main Street and Lobbs Wood Close, and Tennis Court Drive between Main Street and Stanley Drive.

Physical measures to improve road safety on Main Street itself would include speed cushions and two-hour limited parking bays, a raised zebra crossing, and narrowing with a contraflow cycle lane at its junction with Lower Keyham Lane. The area would also be re-designated as a 20mph zone.

Elsewhere the proposed measures include speed cushions in Steins Lane, and a traffic island at the junction of Tennis Court Drive and Stanley Drive, and a build-out/island at the junction of Main Street and Vicarage Lane.

Concerns raised by residents have included rat-running, speeding drivers, unrestricted and illegal parking, drivers ignoring No Entry and one-way signs on Main Street, local bus routes and the impact of existing school traffic, and that from planned local developments, on the area.

A formal consultation on the planned safety improvements will run until Sunday, January 19, giving people a chance to comment on the plans.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “We’ve met with residents and local councillors on a number of occasions to hear their concerns about traffic and parking problems in Humberstone Village, going back to the summer of 2019.

“Clearly they are worried about the safety implications of speeding drivers, rat-running and uncontrolled parking in this busy residential area, despite there already being a 20mph speed limit in place.

“We’ve held two well-attended public meetings this year at St Mary’s Church Hall, as well as patch walks with highways officers to look at what can be done.

“As a result, we are proposing to improve upon the existing 20mph speed limit, with new signs, physical traffic-calming measures including speed humps, a raised zebra crossing and traffic islands in the village centre, to try to improve safety for all road users.”

Information leaflets detailing the proposed scheme, and directing people to the online consultation questionnaire, are being made available across Humberstone Village.  If the work gets the go-ahead, the completed scheme could be in place by spring 2020.