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Major investment in road resurfacing and repairs

Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cars on a residential street in Leicester

OVER £1.1million is being invested in a programme of resurfacing work and repairs to roads in neighbourhoods across the city.

Leicester City Council has drawn up a programme of work, ranging from small-scale patch repairs to larger road reconstruction, to be carried out over the coming months.

The £1.158 million has come from the Government as additional maintenance funding, meaning the city council can take the opportunity to carry out much-needed repairs.

It means about £500,000 can be spent on carrying out maintenance and repairs as part of the ongoing major road schemes at London Road and the A50 Blackbird Road.

The remaining £658,000 will be used on a programme of resurfacing and road surface treatment works across the city.

One scheme will see a section of Green Lane Road reconstructed between its junctions with Kitchener Road and Rufford Street. The scheme will completely replace the section of road surface which is in poor condition.

In addition, work will also be carried out at another stretch of Green Lane Road between Kitchener Road and East Park Road, costing £175,000 from the council’s capital maintenance programme. The combined works are due to be carried out in March and April, with new traffic signals also installed.

About £250,000 is being spent on fifteen streets across Belgrave, North Evington, Spinney Hills,Westcotes and Wycliffe wards which are due to be treated with ‘micro asphalt surfacing’ to repair and fill in the existing road surface.

They include Dorothy Road and Donnington Street in Spinney Hills; Equity Road and Norman Street in Westcotes; Westbourne Street, Marjorie Street, Hildyard Road, Redpath Close and Orchardson Avenue in Belgrave; Chatsworth Street in Wycliffe ward, Ireton Avenue in Troon ward and Duxbury Avenue in North Evington.

Works will be carried out in mid February.

The remaining £333,000 is being spent on carrying out patching repairs to the road surfaces of a further 18 streets across the city, again covering roads in Spinney Hills, Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields, Thurncourt, Evington, Castle, Aylestone, Wycliffe, and Beaumont Leys wards.

Streets which will benefit include Bonsall Street, Cork Street, Margaret Road and Osborne Road in Spinney Hills; Winstanley Drive and Gooding Avenue in Braunstone; Dareth Drive, Barnsdale Road and The Poppins in Beaumont Leys; Little Avenue in Belgrave; Ambassador Road in Thurncourt; Deepdale in Evington; Soar Valley Way Vernon Road in Aylestone; Matlock Street in Wycliffe; Willow Brook Road in North Evington; Marsh Close in Troon ward, and Clyde Street in the city centre.

The patching repair works will take place from mid February to late March.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “This additional funding means we can take the opportunity to carry out some much-needed surface repairs on roads across the city.

“In some cases, we can tie this in with work already being carried out to make it as cost effective as possible.

“The work will focus on residential streets throughout the city, as well as some more major road improvement works already scheduled to take place.”