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New one-way system installed at Mere Road

Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

DRIVERS are being reminded that a new one-way system is coming into effect in part of the Spinney Hills and Wycliffe wards this week.

The new one-way system is being introduced on a section of Mere Road and the surrounding streets, following concerns from residents about traffic congestion and parking problems.

Signs and lines are being installed this week, with the scheme due to come into effect from Thursday, February 28.

The stretch of Mere Road between Buxton Street and Hartington Road will now become one-way in a northerly direction, while the section of Mere Road between Buxton Street and Park Vale Road becomes one-way in a southerly direction.

Similar changes will also affect neighbouring Park Vale Road, which will become one-way and will also have split directions of travel. 

The first part of Park Vale Road will be one-way in a westerly direction from East Park Road to its junction with Egginton Street. The remainder of Park Vale Road between Mere Road and Egginton Road will be one-way in an easterly direction.

In addition, Egginton Street becomes one-way in a southerly direction from its junction with Park Vale Road to its junction with Fairfield Street.

The work will cost of about £10,000, with the aim of improving safety and on-street parking on the roads – parts of which are narrow – because traffic will only be moving in one direction, although cyclists will still be able to travel against the flow of the one-way traffic flow.

The one-way systems for both Mere Road and Park Vale Road are also designed to prevent the streets being used as ‘rat runs’. Parts of the route are already home to traffic-calming measures such as speed tables and build-outs to cut traffic speeds.

Drivers heading either north or south on the eastern side of the city will now be expected to use either East Park Road or Melbourne Road instead.