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AI artwork on its way to central library

Published on Monday, May 13, 2019

Neural Synthesis: ©Gene Kogan

A MESMERISING piece of artwork created using artificial intelligence (AI) will go on display at Leicester’s Central Lending Library this week.

Featuring a sequence of brightly coloured images that continuously evolves, the video artwork ­– called Neural Synthesis – was commissioned by organisers of the city’s Art-AI Festival.

It will be shown on a large monitor on the first floor of the Bishop Street library, where visitors will be able to sit down and enjoy the flow of soothing images from Thursday (16 May).

Councillor Kirk Master said: “We’re very pleased that the central lending library will be one of the venues for this year’s Art-AI Festival.

“The work that’s been selected for the library is quite mesmerising to watch – in fact, anyone who’s had a stressful day will probably find it relaxing to spend a few minutes looking at its ever-changing images.

“Libraries provide plenty of quiet corners where you can relax with a book, but this very contemporary art form may be another way to make you feel good and help improve your sense of wellbeing.”

Created by US artist Gene Kogan, Neural Synthesis will be on show at the library until 31 May.

The work has previously been shown in a waiting area at an NHS clinic, where researchers have been monitoring its effect on patients and staff.

Tracy Harwood, professor in digital culture at De Montfort University’s Institute of Creative Technologies, which has organised the festival, said: “We’re working with Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust to see if AI art can have the same positive effect that conventional art has on patients with memory loss or mental health conditions.

“We’re excited to bring this to Leicester’s Central Lending Library as part of this year’s ART-AI festival, and we’d love people to let us know what they think."



Neural Synthesis: ©Gene Kogan