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Customers and businesses reminded to remember social distancing

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PEOPLE are being reminded to queue safely and maintain social distancing at all times if they are visiting restaurants, shops or food outlets over the bank holiday weekend.

City council enforcement officers are also reminding businesses of their responsibility to ensure that any queues are safe and socially distanced.

On Friday (23 Aug), officers reviewed 11 Individual Premises Directions and one Public Place Direction for London Road. All of these directions will remain in place during Monday 31 August until 10.01pm.

The directions mean that businesses must ensure they put in place strict systems to manage queues safely and only admit customers who have booked in advance.

The wider Outdoor Public Place Direction, which prohibits queueing, gathering or congregating outside food establishments by people who hadn’t booked in advance, remains in place along an entire section of London Road between the railway station and Victoria Park, as well as Highfield Street.

The review of all directions deemed it necessary and proportionate that they remain to control or prevent the spread of infection.

And while the current orders only cover the area around London Road, food businesses across the city are being urged to ensure they follow the same measures to ensure the safety of their customers and staff.

To help keep everyone safe, customers are asked to follow some simple guidance:

  • Do not turn up early or without a booking
  • When inside, maintain social distancing at all times, even when waiting to be seated
  • When you are inside, wear a face covering (this can be removed once seated)   

These reminders are being issued ahead of the bank holiday weekend, as the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme draws to a close on Monday night.

Leicester deputy city mayor responsible for regulatory services, Cllr Piara Singh Clair, said: “I’m pleased to say that the message seemed to be getting through last week with many of the businesses in London Road taking the necessary steps to address these problems.

“However, the issue is still ongoing and the review decided that these measures are necessary and will remain in place until Monday.

“It’s also important for all food businesses across the city to heed the public health message – that customers need to book in advance and not arrive more than 10 minutes before their reservation, and that any queueing needs to be done safely and with social distancing in place.”

The actions have been taken under national COVID-19 legislation giving councils the power to take action to prevent the spread of infection.

Staff from the council, security staff and police have been engaging with queues and talking to the businesses on London Road, to reinforce the important public health message behind preventing uncontrolled queueing and ensuring adequate social distancing.

Businesses can face fines ranging from £100 to £3,200 for repeat offences, or closure under a prohibition notice as a last resort. Customers who are witnessed repeatedly flouting the social distancing regulations can also be fined.

Details of each order are listed below:

Further information on the London Road Public Health Direction is available to the view on