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Traffic calming schemes to tackle local concerns

Published on Friday, February 28, 2020

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20mph zone street sign

TWO new traffic calming schemes and 20mph zones are due to be introduced in the streets near to a busy Leicester primary school following local calls for action to improve road safety.

Proposals for new 20mph zones covering Letchworth Road and the area around Dovelands Primary School are due to be brought in following consultation with local residents and businesses, which showed strong support for such a scheme.

The scheme will cover two residential areas, to the north and south of Glenfield Road.

The area north of Glenfield Road covered by the 20mph zone will include Letchworth Road, Perth Avenue, Wood End, Withens Close, Mossgate, Lindfield Road, Poynings Avenue, Lancing Avenue, Ditchling Avenue, Balcombe Avenue, Westfield Road, Hilders Road, Plymstock Close, Vincent Close, Ambrose Close, Danehurst Avenue, Sandhurst Close, Sandhurst Gardens and Ashdown Avenue.

Within this area, speed humps are proposed for Letchworth Road and Westfield Road.

The other area covers the streets between Glenfield Road and Hinckley Road. It includes the remainder of Letchworth Road, as well as streets around Dovelands Primary School, including Meadway, Westhill Road, Westfield Road, Brampton Avenue, Eastfield Road, Nevanthon Road, Denis Close, Gimson Road, Denton Street, Neville Road, Clarefield Road, Wynfield Road, Meadhurst Road, Sunnycroft Road, Mellor Road and Western Park Road.

Physical measures will include further speed humps on Letchworth Road and Westfield Road, a pedestrian refuge on Westfield Road just south of its junction with Letchworth Road, and alterations to the kerb line at the crossroads between Letchworth Road and Westfield Road.

Detailed designs for the scheme are due to be drawn up, with work taking place on the scheme from April to June 2020.

Local support for safety measures was shown in the recent consultation process, in which 80 per cent of people who responded from the Letchworth Road north area, and 86 percent of those from around Dovelands Primary School, supported the implementation of a traffic-calming scheme.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Local residents and campaigners have been calling for action to tackle vehicle speeds in this busy residential area, and close to a popular school.

“The measures that have been drawn up look to address those, with a 20mph covering a wide area either side of Glenfield Road, and speed humps on the streets where particular issues have been brought to our attention.

“I do hope this 20mph and these traffic-calming measures help tackle the problems and make these streets safer for everyone who uses them.”