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Take part in Women Talking, City Listening

Women Talking, City Listening poster

A CONSULTATION is asking women in Leicester what barriers they face in achieving their ambitions – including how the coronavirus has affected them.

The survey is part of Women Talking, City Listening - a Government-funded project that has been organised by the city council to build on the work of Centenary Cities.

Centenary Cities saw a number of displays, talks and awareness-raising events held in Leicester on women’s roles in shaping the city. It included the unveiling of a new statue to Alice Hawkins, Leicester’s Suffragette, in February 2018.

The Women Talking, City Listening project has already gathered information from more than 150 women, and has identified some common issues and challenges that they face in achieving their ambitions. These include difficulties in balancing childcare, work and a decent income.

Now, the project is asking for online responses to a consultation aimed at continuing these conversations with local women.

Cllr Rita Patel, assistant city mayor for equalities, said: “We want to know what life is like for women from all of our diverse communities in Leicester. What problems do they encounter when they set out to achieve their ambitions?

“This consultation asks women for their views on all sorts of aspects of life, including education, employment and family. It asks women what their goals are, and how their community and culture affect their decisions and choices.

“We’re also in a unique position, at this incredibly challenging time for all of us, to ask local women what impact the coronavirus crisis is having on them. Is it having a disproportionate impact on women? We’re unable to engage with women face-to-face at this time, but we’re still really keen to hear their views.

“Our Centenary Cities project put women in the spotlight. Now, we want to make sure women remain in focus as we develop local policies in the years ahead.”

The results of the consultation will be used to shape a series of recommendations – for both the city council and central Government – on how women can be better supported to reach their goals.

Depending on what women say they want in the consultation, it is hoped the project could also lead to – for example – the formation of local women’s support groups, or further heritage events highlighting women’s roles in Leicester’s history. Future projects, sessions or activities will depend on what women say they would like to see.

The consultation runs until 30 June 2020. To take part, visit