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Ban prohibits sale of flavoured tobacco products

a cigarette

FLAVOURED tobacco products and menthol cigarettes will no longer be available in the UK when a ban comes into force tomorrow.

From Wednesday 20 May, the EU Tobacco Product Directive will mean no flavoured tobacco products of any kind will be allowed to be sold in the UK.

The ban is designed to discourage young people, in particular, from taking up smoking. Two-thirds of smokers take up the habit before they are 18, and flavourings such as menthol or vanilla can mask the harshness when smokers first inhale. This can make it easier for young people to start smoking.

Menthol cigarettes are just as harmful as any other cigarettes. It’s thought that up to half a million smokers in the UK could be planning to quit because of the ban, according to a survey carried out by a vaping retailer.

Leicester City Council’s director of public health Ivan Browne said: “If this ban affects you and you’re thinking of quitting smoking, our free stop-smoking service is here to help. You’re three times more likely to quit with a combination of stop-smoking medication and support from one of our trained advisors than you are going it alone, so get in touch with us today.”

Last year, the city’s Live Well stop-smoking service helped more than 3,500 people. The service has adapted to follow Government guidance on coronavirus and is currently helping people by arranging telephone appointments, as well as continuing to provide alternatives to smoking that help people to quit.

Cllr Vi Dempster, assistant city mayor for public health, said: “These are difficult times for everyone, and it’s more important than ever that people are supported to stay safe and healthy. That includes giving up smoking.

“Giving up smoking isn’t easy, but we know that quitting with specialist support significantly increases your chances of quitting for good. It’s a decision that has immediate benefits for your health. Within just eight hours of quitting your body’s oxygen level will return to normal and after a few days you will start to find your breathing feels easier.”

To speak to one of our advisors, call 0116 454 4000 or email

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