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New online guide offers ideas and advice on cutting carbon

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Climate Ready Leicester Action Guide for Residents graphic

A NEW online guide to actions people can take to help Leicester in its response to the climate emergency is now available.

The new ‘Climate Ready Leicester – Action Guide for Residents’ is produced by Leicester City Council and includes more than 50 actions that people can take to help reduce their carbon impact at home and in their daily lives.

It covers areas like home energy, which accounts for the largest share of Leicester’s total carbon emissions at around 32%, where actions like draught proofing or insulating your home, as well as fitting LED light bulbs, can cut carbon and save money.

Outside, in the garden, actions that people can take to support biodiversity range from providing water for wildlife in the hot summer months, to planting trees or adding a green roof to sheds or outbuildings.

The guide also includes suggestions for travelling more sustainably, including ideas to encourage people to walk, cycle or take the bus for short journeys. In Leicester, about 70 per cent of emissions from road transport are from petrol and diesel cars, with almost a third of these coming from short journeys.

Other areas covered include consumer and food choices, water use and cutting waste.

The free to download guide also includes links to a range of other helpful resources.

Assistant city mayor Cllr Geoff Whittle, who leads on environment and transport, said: “The climate emergency affects us all and everyone can play their part in helping Leicester become a Climate Ready city.

“From how you heat and power your home to how you travel and what you buy, this new guide provides a range of actions that people can take to reduce your carbon footprint and, in many cases, save money too.

“I’d encourage everyone to download a free copy. We’re not expecting everyone to do everything included in the guide, but every single action we each take is a positive step in the right direction.”

To download the new ‘Climate Ready Leicester – Action Guide for Residents’ visit