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Snakes take centre stage in new exhibition at Leicester Museum

Sunda Island pit viper: photo credit Blue Tokay

SOME amazing reptiles will be captivating visitors to Leicester Museum & Art Gallery this summer, as the city hosts a family-friendly exhibition that celebrates the secret world of the snake.

Opening on Saturday (8 June), the free exhibition will feature iconic specimens such as the cobra, the rattlesnake and the green anaconda, while a 13ft-long skeleton of a Burmese python will provide insight into the anatomy of the huge reptile.

In total, there will be 15 displays of snake specimens on show, including snakes that can be found in the UK, such as the grass snake and the adder.

Taxidermied snakes, skeletons and models will be used to illustrate the range of habitats that snakes have adapted to, while their form and function will also be explored.

Supporting the snakes will be interactive displays, providing fascinating information about the reptiles’ weight, length, feeding habits and camouflage, as well as some award-winning images of snakes in their natural habitats around the world.

Snakes opens on Saturday 8 June and continues until Sunday 1 September. Admission is free of charge.

Please note that no live snakes will feature in the display and no snake was harmed to produce the exhibition.

Snakes is a natural history touring exhibition created by Blue Tokay.


Picture caption: © Blue Tokay - Sunda Island pit viper